Critical to the Business Owner’s agenda is a Business strategy that enables the organizations to take a quantum leap. Add Value works to help clients move forward with speed, confidence and vision - essential ingredients for a significant, long-lasting competitive advantage.

Growth Acceleration Consulting

It includes a wide range of strategic management services which are being derived after doing the Gap analysis and evaluation of the organization.
Here, we work closely with the top management and the business owners to understand the DNA of the organization and it’s Vision.
Execution and Operational intervention to deliver the result is an import task that we do to achieve the results.
We work with the statistical approach to have tangible result.
A company may be with 20 employees or 2000 employees or an annual sales turnover of Rs. 2 cr to 2000 cr. We have customized solutions based on the strategic and operational need of the organization.

Project Based Consulting

Many a times organizations need a specific expertise to strengthen their business. We provide customized project specific solutions to meet their requirement.

For Example

  • Departmental Restructuring
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Branding Solutions
  • Exhibition Participation Support
  • Designing and Developing Systems and Policies
  • Developing High Performing Work Culture
  • Implementing 5 S
  • Implementing Six Sigma etc

Operational Excellence:

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) – Quality Basics, Basic Quality Tools, Problem solving, Poke yoke, Advanced Quality Tools, Six Sigma
  • Total Flow Management (TFM) – 5S, Flow Layouts, Cellular Manufacturing, JIT, One piece Flow, Inventory Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – TPM Basics, Autonomous Maintenance (AM), Planned Maintenance
  • Process Improvements - Process study, Remove waste, Make it sustainable

All the services are designed and conducted as per individual and organization needs.

How does it help?

Changing for the better is acceptable and effective when done in a systematic manner rather than making drastic alterations to tried-and-tested ways of working overnight! Implementing Kaizen in manufacturing facilities result in:

  • Reduction of Idle time – both men and machines optimally utilized
  • Reduction of Excess Inventory – bringing down holding costs
  • Enhanced Quality of Deliverables
  • Optimal capacity utilization
  • Elimination of waste – time, effort and material
  • Improved employee morale and productivity