Child Counselling- For Individuals and For Schools

Counselling could benefit your child’s moods, behaviour, and relationships when:

  • There has been a change in your child’s environment such as:
  • separation or divorce
  • a change in custody arrangement
  • a death or loss
  • a new addition to the family
  • change in school
  • move to a new home, city or country
  • financial changes
  • witness or experience a traumatic event

If your child is showing a lack of functioning such as:

  • Eating (Eating more or less, sneaking food, binging or purging)
  • Physical (Higher or lower energy level, change in sleeping)
  • Academic (Change in grades)
  • Social (Avoiding usual friends, change of friends, wanting to be alone)
  • Family (Withdrawal from close family members, aggressive towards family)
  • Communication (Not talking to close family or friends, isolation)
  • Affect (The child’s overall temperament, behaviour, attitude has changed)

Child counseling for schools

  • Schools & play groups can help the child to face the mental disorders happening due to change of environment or the inability of a child to manage the sentiments.
  • It can be initiated in groups and then if required can have an individual concern.
  • It may include the parents and teachers as a part of the counseling process